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It provides you with a highly professional babysitting service that is highly trained and experienced. All babysitters have a medical report with a health certificate and legal guarantees to ensure the safety of your child and family. We provide Baby Sitter for your child, a resident and babysitter. We appreciate your responsibilities inside and outside the home and your personal life. We take care of your children properly and take full care of their educational, educational and entertainment life. Therefore, we were able to gather the largest integrated team of babysitters and residents with children at a high level of professionalism, educational study and experience, with all legal guarantees and because trust and safety is our first priority; We were keen to provide medical reports with health certificates and legal guarantees for all the workers who are with us. Resident and non-resident foreign domestic workers and maids of various nationalities from Africa and Asia Eritrea - Ethiopia - Kenya - Nigeria - Indonesia - South Africa - Philippines Indonesia Indonesia Filipino and Indonesian workers and maids.

Among the most prominent tasks of a resident Baby Sitter (babysitter) is the following:

  1. Bring materials for Arts and Crafts
  2. Monitor children's proper phone use at healthy times
  3. . Set a time for homework
  4. Small breaks
  5. . Adapt to the kids' different pace.
  6. Rewarding children and providing feedback
  7. Be patient and caring.